Chain Piecing Directions and Diagrams

These directions show how a very simple quilt would be pieced together using the chain piecing method.

1. Lay out your blocks in the order that you would like them placed in the quilt. In this example our quilt is 8x8 totaling 64 blocks. It may be helpful to mark the rows by pinning a piece of paper onto the first block in the row (or in some other fashion) in case the order becomes confusing.

2. Gather all your blocks in consecutive order for Row 1 so that the right side is facing up. If you are using fabrics that have a directional pattern make sure that you always turn the blocks the same way. The stack should have Block 1 on the top and Block 8 should be on the bottom.

3. Keeping the stack in this order, place the 1st block on the left and the 2nd block to its right. Flip the 2nd block over so that it is on top of the 1st with the right sides facing together.


4. Stitch the blocks together on the right side (1/4" seam), but do not cut the threads. You will continue stitching directly on to the next set of blocks continuing the process that you did with the 1st and 2nd blocks.

5. Cut the sets apart, open them, and lay them out in order. Stack them as you did the individual blocks (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4).


6. Fold the 2nd Set over the 1st Set as you did before with the individual blocks.

7. Stitch the sets together (this time you will have just 2 sets to sew together).


8. Cut the sets apart, open them, and lay them out.

9. Fold the 2nd Set over the 1st Set making sure that the right sides face together.

10. Stitch the two sets together.


11. Your first row is completed! Continue these directions with each row, laying them out in their original order as you complete each row. Stitch the rows together.

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