Always come up with your needle a stitch lenth beyond
the point where you want your stitching to begin (Point A).

Go down at Point B.

Bring your needle up at the new "Point A."

Bring your needle back down where your first stitch began.
Continue backstitching by bringing your needle up one
stitch-length away and going down in the first hole of the
last stitch that you made.

Backstitching "on the surface" allows you to continue stitching
without pulling your needle all the way through the backside - just
bring your needle up at the beginning of the next stitch, while it
is still inserted in the first hole (on the top side) and pull it
all the way through.

You can see a picture of this at the following website: Embroidery Instructions
The illustration is next to an illustration for the chain stitch which is right beneath the instructions for the whipped running stitch.

Here is an example of what the embroidery might look like. We used Brock Script (which you should be able to find on the Internet) to do this piece. It has been scanned, and is both awkwardly placed and washed out-looking, but it gives the idea. The background is actually a white-on-white pattern that is of delicate bouquets.

Here is another piece of embroidery using backstitch. You can see a hint of the design
that is on the background fabric.

Backgrounds By Marie