Home & Heritage Designs was started with the purpose of encouraging mothers and daughters to learn and enjoy skills that will be useful in the home and to do projects together which they could later pass down to future generations. The potholder and doll quilt projects were specifically designed for a retail catalog. Home & Heritage Designs is a home business run by our family, specifically by Ruth and Rachel, daughters of Richard & Reba Short and sisters to Ryan.

Beginning when we were quite small, our parents started training us in skills that we would need to use in our home (both now and in the future). We had our first experiences of sewing sitting in our mother's lap (one at a time!) while she sat at the sewing machine. She let us put our hands on hers and try the pedal occasionally. After a while she helped us to make simple skirts and eventually we made aprons for each other. Each of these projects were easy and required only straight seams, but we were very excited to learn how to sew! We also had punched sewing cards that we could practice with. After awhile Mama determined to teach us one new type of craft each year such as crochet, cross-stitch, and other forms of embroidery. We have enjoyed them all! We have not necessarily been able to continue learning one new craft a year, but we have learned lots of things that have become very useful and enjoyable. We particularly enjoy quilting, sewing, and embroidery, and love to share these things with others.

Short Family - May 2008

We are very grateful to the Lord for his grace in our lives and for helping these projects to come together despite our ignorance in many areas. :)

We are also very thankful for:
Our family - who have been very encouraging, given us lots of ideas, read and re-read the directions to check them over, and accomodated our piles of fabric. :)

Mrs. Beall Phillips - who introduced and initiated the idea of these kits and has enthusiastically helped us every step of the way.

Liberty, Jubilee & Faith Phillips - who helped us test the doll quilt (when just 6, 5, & 3 years of age) with great enthusiasm, are a joy to sew with, and are such wonderful friends.

Mrs. Torres and Lourdes, the Willing family, the Manteuful family, & Regina Fulmer - who have very kindly reviewed, suggested, and corrected so much for us. We are very grateful for your help and friendship!

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This website is run by Ruth and Rachel Short under the direction of our parents, Richard and Reba Short.