The Trip Around the World design is a very basic block quilt whose only distinctive is the way in which the squares are arranged in radiating diamonds of various colors. We chose to do this Trip Around the World quilt in antique colors: rose, cream, red, gold, lavender, and green. This baby quilt was completed in a very short amount of time as a last-minute project. We had already chosen our fabrics with this particular design in mind months in advance, but had not found opportunity to put the quilt together. Within a few hours, we had cut the squares, laid them out in the order we desired, pieced them, tied the layers, and attached the binding.

Here are directions for making a similar quilt:

1. Choose your fabrics. You may want a wide variety, or simply 3-5 colors. If the quilt is a gift, try to keep in mind the recipient's favorite colors (decorating styles, occasion, etc.) and try to tie these together in the quilt. Here are some possible color schemes: blues with yellows; vibrant primary colors; pastels; antique colors; jewel tones; pinks with greens; creams with purples; or scrap-type quilts with all kinds of colors alternating in radiating diamonds. We purchased about a 1/2 yard of each fabric that we chose, since we were not certain yet which order we would put them in. You will possibly need more depending on how large your quilt is and how many times each color/fabric is repeated throughout the quilt.

2. Cut the squares. Cut one 3 1/2" square for the center block, four for the first diamond, eight for the second diamond, and so on adding four squares to each successive diamond.

3. Lay out all of your squares so that you can get an idea of how the finished quilt will look. You may wish to switch some of the colors after seeing how they look beside each other. You may want to alternate solid colors with printed fabrics (floral, stripe, etc.) or alternate dark and light fabrics.

4. The quickest way to piece the blocks is by the chain-piecing method. (See a previous post on the chain piecing method.) Stitch all the rows, pressing the seams in opposite directions for each row.

5. Layer the pieced top with the batting and fabric for the backing. Threading a needle with a large eye, go through all of the layers, and tie a double knot. Snip the ends so that they are even. If you wish to add the satin ribbons, tie these in before the second knot, and then tie your bows. It would be best to tack these so that the bows do not constantly come undone. Tie the alternate squares beginning with the center square; in this way, all of the squares in each alternate diamond will have a tie in the center. If you are adding bows, only add them to every other square that is tied, so that the quilt will not become too crowded.

6. Attach the binding (See a previous post on making continuous bias binding), and stitch it down.

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Note: Below is a brief slide show of the steps taken to complete this crib quilt.