On August 15, 2006, Daddy and Mama celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. As their children, we are so grateful to the Lord for giving us godly parents. At the age of 30 they began their marriage, and we are so thankful for their united faithfulness to Christ and each other for these 25 years.

To commemorate this special time, one of our projects was to stitch a sampler. We found this particular pattern on clearance at Hobby Lobby a few months ago, and figured that it might come in handy someday. We were very pleased with the pattern and plan to save it as it is versatile and adaptable to many occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, ring bearer pillows, and more. The pattern is titled Sampler for Weddings and Anniversaries by Patricia Ann Designs

Patricia Ann Designs Sampler for Weddings and Anniversaries.
Sampler for Weddings and Anniversaries

We chose different colors from those suggested on the chart to suit our home and to make use of what we already had on hand. Here are the supplies we used:

Charles Craft Irish Linen 28 Ct.
DMC Perle Cotton #8 ~ Blanc
DMC ~ 5283 (Metallic Silver)
DMC ~ 3853 (Dark Purple)
DMC ~ 3042 (Purple)
DMC ~ 211 (Light Purple)
DMC ~ 500 (Green)

In order to keep similar colors separate and in order, we cut a long piece of each floss (usually only one - later separated into the number of strands needed) and folded it between a sticky (or Post-It) note. On the outside of the sticky note we wrote the floss number and color for the project.

Finished Sampler
Finished Sampler

We had originally planned to use this sampler on a photo album, but decided instead to frame it. We did not readily find an appropriate square frame, but we found a shadowbox which was square, and decided that this would work well for the project.


Rachel decorated the corner with Daddy and Mama's wedding photo and five tiny roses. This pattern is very flexible, and we were happy to be able to adapt it for our own desired text.

Close-up of Corner
Close-up of Corner